Basalt Dish & Polished Bowl Fountains

Basalt Bowl & Dish Fountains

Naturally formed when smaller pieces calve off of larger columns, these basalt dish rocks have a unique dish and pillow effect. We take these basalt dish rocks and drill them for use as one-of-a-kind water features and bubblers. Sometimes the bottom of these dish rocks are domed, lending to use as a dome top water fountain. We consistently stock a large number of basalt dish rocks in a wide range of sizes.

Basalt columns are shaped into bowls by our skilled stoneworkers, who then polish the bowls to a deep, rich shine. The flat-cut, drilled bases of the polished basalt bowls can be used as sinks, water fountains, bubblers, and birdbaths. We take a piece of basalt that is already outstanding and elevate it to a greater level of modern beauty and luxury by polishing the bowls of these columns.

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