Mini Pebble Tile

The Mini Pebble Tile series is among the most creative, adaptable, and well-liked due to the range of colors and sizes available. Little pebbles make it easier to create intricate mosaics and can work with curved surfaces. The mesh is readily cut to create precise mosaic placement and smooth edges. Any project is greatly enhanced by the addition of a pebble mosaic installation. We provide you the appearance of hand-set pebbles with a simple installation process by attaching genuine pebble to mesh backing.

These mini mesh-backed tiles come in a broad variety of colors, making them suitable for use in almost any indoor or outdoor project. Flooring, restrooms, showers, patios, decks, pools, wall cladding, and many more applications are among them.The interlocking sheets are ready for installation as soon as they arrive, bundled in cartons and dispatched promptly throughout North America. Every tile is kept in sufficient quantities in stock to ensure that orders of all sizes may be filled.

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