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Any style of landscaping project can benefit from the distinctive, organic, and lovely addition of our basalt column water features. A basalt column fountain will dazzle if you're seeking for a genuinely eye-catching fountain.

One of the most prevalent forms of rocks in the world is basalt, a type of volcanic rock. Basalt is everywhere, but the lengthy, sturdy columns of basalt that we employ for our products are uncommon. There are significant places in Washington State where ancient lava flows contracted as a result of cooling rather quickly. Unique 5- and 6-sided basalt columns were produced as a result of the horizontal fracturing caused by the quick cooling and contraction. The exterior of the columns' skin or crust has a patina that can range from beige to red to black and frequently contains a rainbow of hues. Basalt has a deep shine when polished and a black interior. It is a crystalline, heavy substance that weighs 188 pounds per cubic foot, making it 10% heavier than granite.

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