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Based in Seattle, Washington, Cascade Stoneworks specializes in unique and distinctive stone products from around the world. We’ve spent the last 10+ years refining our inventory to ensure that we stock the highest quality material possible at the fairest price.

The launching of CascadeStoneworks.com reflects this commitment to quality as well as our determination to continue seeking out excellent products. We currently carry a huge inventory of Polished Pebbles, Beach Pebbles, Beach Glass, Basalt Columns and Granite.

Our competitive freight rates to all 50 States will ensure you the best delivered prices.

At Cascade Stoneworks our top priority is providing you, the customer, with a simple, pleasurable purchasing experience that leads to creating your own little backyard oasis.

Stone Landscaping Products * Natural Stone Products:

As a full-service stone fabricator, we focus on creating unique and useful stone designs. We collaborate closely with designers, architects, and contractors to make their visions a reality. A complete variety of stone fountains, placement pieces, and specialty stone masterpieces are also available from us.

We are industry leaders in the production and distribution of landscape materials, such as pebble tile, beach glass, and decorative pebbles, in addition to our stone fabrication services. Dimensional cut stone and basalt and granite paving materials are two further areas of expertise for Cascade Stoneworks.

Fabrication Capabilities:

Modern fabrication tools such as saws, drills, and polishing machines are available in our facility. You can choose from a wide range of stone in our inventory to find the ideal form, color, and size for your design. The stone artisans in our fabrication shop have also created a myriad of custom stone pieces that are in stock and ready to be used in your project immediately.

Nationwide Shipping:

Our orders can be quickly shipped to any location in North America and abroad thanks to our efficient integrated transportation infrastructure. Smaller orders can be shipped affordably by us thanks to our nationwide pallet rates, and our flatbed and intermodal business can provide complete truck pricing that is competitive.


We have been in the business since 2000 and have a wealth of knowledge dealing and customizing natural stone.

Our inspiration came from the natural columns and basalt formations found in Eastern Washington; we are a Seattle, Washington-based company. From a single little saw, the business has expanded into a full fabrication shop that specialized in natural stone sculptures and items that give your landscaping project a unique flair. Our creations made of basalt and other stone materials include lamps, furniture, fountains, and monuments.

We've expanded our natural stone collection over the years by adding a complete line of decorative pebbles, pebble tile, and granite sculptures, so you can now rely on us to genuinely "cover all" of your stone needs.

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