Basalt Dish Rock Columns

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  • Small
    Diameter: 10 – 18”
    Weight: ~200lb.
  • Medium
    Diameter: 18 – 24”
    Weight: ~450 lb.
  • Large
    Diameter: 24 – 30”
    Weight: ~800 lb.
  • We have larger size Dish Rocks, Call for more details: (206) 737-8364

These basalt dish rocks have a distinctive dish and pillow shape and are naturally generated when smaller pieces calve off of bigger columns. They are perfect for one-of-a-kind landscape placement stones and birdbaths. These dish-shaped rocks can occasionally have domed bottoms, which makes them useful for additional purposes like playground basalt climbing rocks or natural basalt benches. We always keep a lot of basalt dish rocks in stock in a variety of sizes.

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